Meet the team

Tijs Callaerts 


Tine Kok


Thomas Wuyts

We are Tijs, Tine & Thomas, we are N'Sane

and together we provide healthy, original and versatile choices.

Tijs, with his soups from Soeprème, brings freshness and health to businesses, schools & living rooms. He notes that people increasingly care about health and want to aware of what one eats & drinks.

Tine, bitten by taste and health, has been working in the gastronomic world for years as a hospitality manager and sommelier. She is always looking for challenging combinations and also wants to be up to date with the latest developments in the world of health.

Thomas, who is in the middle of the cocktail world with his own Marula gin, saw how people are increasingly looking for original, non-alcoholic alternatives..

We joined forces and N'Sane was born.
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