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Treat yourself to the goodness of N'Sane during the day and make refreshing, healthy mocktails and hot drinks. Our mixers, made from pure juices and fresh herbs, provide a burst of natural flavors that stimulate your senses.

No need to choose!

With N'Sane, you can enjoy a world of flavors without compromising your health. Our mixers contain no added sugars or preservatives and are made from pure juices and fresh herbs. This is how we ensure a delicious and unique taste experience. From surprising mocktails to sophisticated cocktails and soothing hot drinks, N'Sane is the perfect partner for any occasion. Embrace N'Sane's versatility and enjoy delicious, guilt-free beverages that excite your senses.

Our tastingbox

Explore our flavors and create stunning cocktails with our tasting box. They contain 3 premium mixers. Delivered directly to your home.