Join us in the challenge and abstain from alcohol for the entire month of February. Experience for yourself what a month without it can do for you. It's not really about depriving yourself; you stand to gain a lot!

A glass of wine with dinner, a pint after exercising: for many, it's part of the daily routine. According to research, more than 80% of Belgians consume alcohol, even though it comes with significant risks. It affects your health, both physically and mentally. It also has an impact on your safety and behavior. We noticed that people were increasingly looking for worthy alternatives. Unfortunately, these were often sugary, not very tasty, or filled with synthetic fragrances, colors, or flavors. With N'Sane, we offer a delicious and, moreover, healthy alternative.

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An initiative of De Drugslijn

In 2017, De Druglijn and Stichting tegen Kanker joined forces: the month without alcohol was born. From the fall of 2020, De Druglijn continues the initiative. From the first edition, the enthusiasm for Tournée Minérale was enormous: more than 120,000 Belgians registered. The reasons for participating were diverse: to work on health, to see if the challenge could be sustained, to support cancer research, and more. It is clear that there are good reasons to refrain from drinking alcohol for a month. These are not empty words. UGent conducted a study with participants from last year. 9 out of 10 said they had experienced at least one of the benefits.

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Support each other and encourage your surroundings to join in.